Friday, 27 November 2009

Twilight Escapades

Well I worked today and will work again all day tomorrow as well so I haven't had much time for sewing but it is progressing. I promise.

I did think I would take the time to share with you my favourite photo shoot. I know, I know rah rah Twilight. Eww. Generally I agree, but you have to admit the movie is pretty. And it produced this photoshoot as well. Well done.

The thing that appeals to me the most with this shoot I think is the sense of absoloute fun in every shot. And the dead field makes a great backdrop to the fun. Also there's something very enchanting about a fancy strapless dress or dress slacks and Cons.

Images from Vanity Fair shoot. Taken from


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tea Party

It would seem this blog is actually serving its purpose. I am currently making two t-shirts, a dress and am about to make a skirt as well. I would show you my progress but my dress lacks a zip and my t-shirts aren't yet quite complete. However as these are all small details before completion I imagine they will be up soon.

I am excited. I started this dress ...maybe a year ago! I have completely changed my original design but it will be nice to have it complete.

For now I am taking a break in sewing to have a tea party! I have some new...would you call them accessories? accessories for my tea pot? Which by the way is very beautiful. It was my great grandma's.

And how adorable is the owl Gingerbird.

Mum bought him for me. I don't want to eat him! But at the same time it seems mean to let him go stale and decay. Maybe in a few days I will eat him. For now i have Nutella on toast and choc chip cookies. Mmmmm. And chai tea of course.

bye bye birdies x