Sunday, 13 February 2011

Who needs a partner on Valentine's Day

When you can have a baking day with a friend and then go to one of your favourite shops to watch peculiar romantic French films in their back gallery! Admittedly a partner might be nice to have but I think I have given up on one of those.

Kal and I both agreed that wearing red clothing would be fun but when she arrived it was discover we had both settled on red and white and actually co-ordinated slightly more than originally intended! We made honey and rosemary cake with lemon icing in the shape of a heart (there was so much lemon in the icing it was too yellow to add pink food colouring!) and dark chocolate mousse with a couple of blocks of chocolate. I couldn't find the vintage wine glasses we usually use for mousse so I decided mousse in teacups might be cute. And it was! I'm going to do this more often.

It has cooled down very very slightly so I decided I could wear my beanie again. Oh how I loathe consecutive days of 40+ degree heat. It's just disgusting!

 Kal and her Dalek apron.



Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day whether or not you spend it in a traditional way