Friday, 27 November 2009

Twilight Escapades

Well I worked today and will work again all day tomorrow as well so I haven't had much time for sewing but it is progressing. I promise.

I did think I would take the time to share with you my favourite photo shoot. I know, I know rah rah Twilight. Eww. Generally I agree, but you have to admit the movie is pretty. And it produced this photoshoot as well. Well done.

The thing that appeals to me the most with this shoot I think is the sense of absoloute fun in every shot. And the dead field makes a great backdrop to the fun. Also there's something very enchanting about a fancy strapless dress or dress slacks and Cons.

Images from Vanity Fair shoot. Taken from


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tea Party

It would seem this blog is actually serving its purpose. I am currently making two t-shirts, a dress and am about to make a skirt as well. I would show you my progress but my dress lacks a zip and my t-shirts aren't yet quite complete. However as these are all small details before completion I imagine they will be up soon.

I am excited. I started this dress ...maybe a year ago! I have completely changed my original design but it will be nice to have it complete.

For now I am taking a break in sewing to have a tea party! I have some new...would you call them accessories? accessories for my tea pot? Which by the way is very beautiful. It was my great grandma's.

And how adorable is the owl Gingerbird.

Mum bought him for me. I don't want to eat him! But at the same time it seems mean to let him go stale and decay. Maybe in a few days I will eat him. For now i have Nutella on toast and choc chip cookies. Mmmmm. And chai tea of course.

bye bye birdies x

Friday, 30 October 2009

Creative Procrastination

It is the second last week of uni for the year and my motivation has been sapped. It trickled away long ago to be honest. But I am not the only one. For many months now we have all been aiming not for High Distinctions but for Passes. My aren't we ambitious.

So, instead of doing the nature journal and sea shore creatures poster I have to complete for Natural History Illustration, or studying for the slide test for Modern Art theory, I decided to get creative.

While it is blatant procrastination I am rather proud that I procrastinated in a creative way, rather than just reading a book like I usually do.

These are three of the clips that I made last night.

P.S is it rude to eat the entire punnet of strawberries that your mum purchased for the family when you still have one chocolate teddy bear left?

Chocolate and strawberries are truly a marriage made in heaven.

love x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Possibilities, Ever Expanding

It's been really hot today, which has made me more determined to do some sewing because I need some more dresses. Summery ones. Or a few new skirts. Clothes so I don't expire in Australian summer-ness.

So I gave it a bit of thought and went and pulled out two gorgeous fabrics that I haven't used yet. I think they are my favourites of all that I have in storage for potential sewing.

Yes, I have a thing for owls. Not that you would ever guess...

I know what I want to do with the first I think. It sprang to mind when I saw it in a shop in a little historic town near here and I believe in going with first instincts. Its such a cute fabric, a really nice shade of navy with light blue line drawings of owls. They are about the size of a 5cent piece so you'd probably have to be close to me to realise that they were owls, but the important thing is that I know that they are owls.

Apologies for the dodgy photo. The light in here isn't great and my scanner is playing hide and seek. It must be playing with my watercolour set.

So I just want to make a simple button down skirt with a plain navy waist band and a nice full swing to it. Its just a cotton fabric so it should sit well enough for my purposes.

The second fabric is a bit harder. When I purchased it I knew I wanted it but I had no idea what I would do with it and there wasn't much left on the roll, so I don't have very much of it. Sadly I've never seen it again.

It's kind of see through so I will have to find a thin navy or black fabric to line it with. I have 3 ideas. 2 skirts and a dress.

As I mentioned my good set of watercolours is playing hide and seek and my other set rather ruined this drawing. I am however sick, and far too lazy to redraw the whole page. The mess to the side is a loose hanging waisted skirt with a simple thin band that zips up at the back and has pretend buttons down the front in 2 sets of 3. It also has pleats and an underlay of a darker fabric. The other skirt is layered over a thick navy or black underskirt that poufs it out a bit and solves the see through issue.

Last idea is a retro style summer dress with adjustable straps threaded through gathering at the neck. It has an elastic waist and a false button down front. Yes, I like buttons, false or functional. I've had my eye on a few dresses like these lately. I have a small waist and they are quite flattering. And the fabric would fall well in this style I think.



Friday, 16 October 2009


I bought these guys on Etsy yesterday. Aren't they adorable! The plan so far is to either put them on pins or badges or hair clips. If i wore studs I'd make them into earrings but I don't so the other two options are so far the most viable. I can't wait to get them.

Etsy is a dangerous place for Madolins.

I'm currently at Uni studying to be an Art Teacher but lately I've been debating more and more the idea of doing a fashion course. I'm not sure how I would work it as yet, maybe take a year off or maybe do one in 2 years when I complete my course, but I do want to do one. I have 3 years of school textiles under my belt but I don't think it's enough for all I want to do and I don't remember half the things I should.

I don't want to be some high rolling fashion icon. I just want to make clothes that are distinctly mine and be able to design and make clothes for my friends. My pattern making skills are tenuous at best and I think I could use some further education in that area. Altering an existing pattern doesn't always cut it.

I finish Uni for the year in 3 weeks, and while at about the same time I start a new job I'm hoping I will have time to make use of the fashion illustration books I borrowed from the library.


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Introductions are in order


I'm Madolin, if by some weird chance you've managed to stumble across this blog and don't already know me.

I've been watching an unusual amount of television lately. By unusual I probably refer to the fact that I've been watching it at all. With the exception of a few UK shows I tend to forget that television exists. But I've been doing a lot of Art assignments lately and mindless television does make a good background.

Anyway the reason I bring this up and in fact the reason for creating this blog is this: there are a lot of very nice clothes out there. I always have plans to make this dress or another or that item of jewellery or make something out of that piece of fabric. I rarely get around to actually following through on these grand thoughts, probably because I'm lazy. But I figure if I make this blog maybe it might help me to follow through on at least some things.

At the very top of my list is the fact that I need to take in my teapot dress. Either I've shrunk, it's grown or it never quite fit me as I imagined it did. I suspect the latter. The next item is to put a dart in the back of my cars dress.

There's also a whole load of jewellery that I need to make or at least jot down some drawings for. Same with dresses. Fortunately for me the internet and the 'snapshot' button of my media player can provide me with a wealth of images for inspiration.

As to Violet Baudelaire's dresses, I thought I'd start off with something that I wish I was skilled enough to make. Aren't they unbelievable? Look at the detail in that wedding dress.
Maybe one day.

Bye birdies x