Friday, 8 October 2010

At the heart of every fool, is the hope that you're stupid too..

Emotional rollercoasters are really exhausting. I may have gone to bed at 4.30am this morning but I slept in pretty late. 5 hours awake and I am already ready to take the lapcat I have and head back to bed. I have an annoying inability to sit down, get upset and cry over something. As a result I bottle it up until I start waking up feeling sick to the stomach.

I could also blame the desire to nap on the essay I have to write on the Boxer Rebellion. Naps are great procrastination. This time I really am really tired and I can feel it all the way down to my bones.

In happier, more interesting news, I got a new dress yesterday...again! I think that is now 10 new dresses since I moved house. It's an addiction. Now I just need to get addicted to shoes, because I've worn holes in the bottom of mine again. This is also my second pair of red tights, they are bit more muted in colour and vibrancy that the We Love Colours ones. I think I might get some more of their tights whilst the Australian dollar is doing so well. Perhaps in teal or another nice greenish shade.


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Feeling the pull

It is 7 past midnight and I am in an unfortunately hyperactive and creative mood. The reason that this is unfortunate is because I am feeling too creative. I am feeling creative across too many mediums with no actual ideas and all my wants conflict so I can't settle on anything. It is also as I said midnight, and so perhaps not the best time for starting epic creative projects. Thirdly...I think thirdly anyway, is that my craft things are packed in various boxes in varying locations, but the majority are camping out having a party in my new art studio. I am told it has a light switch...but I have yet to locate it. "Just hit the switch inside the door" mum says. Sure, I've tried that. There's 2 and neither work!

Foremost in my creative desires I think is the desire to make a Gibbous style skirt. Right now, this very minute. For one I think it would take me a bit of time to figure out how to aproach said project, though eventually I think I could get it. Secondly I lack varying and interestingly co-ordinating fabrics of a preferably vintage nature. Thirdly I think it would probably take me a number of months to complete so I would fail on all counts of 'I want to make this NOW.'

I have been lusting after one of these skirts for about 2 years now. I think it is high time I went about commissioning one. Gibbous is a group of I think 4 designers with similar styles and techniques. All of their clothes are largely hand sewn and crafted from vintage and reused fabrics. And usually come with a special something like a key or lock or plastic flower attached as well.

Much Love posted about the Creative Collection recently, and I think it might be an idea to let that inspire me into being creative. This is seriously not the best idea, as I have 4 weeks left of UNI and those 4 weeks are filled with soooooo many assignments. Oh well!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I ate the red berries, the ones you told to leave alone

My process of getting dressed is probably remarkably similar to that of a 5 yr old playing dress ups. I never choose an outfit the night before or even an hour before unless I have a new item I simply must wear or I have a special occasion that limits my wardrobe. Otherwise about half an hour before I go out I start selecting clothes. I give a brief thought to what I will be doing in those clothes but most thought goes into how I am feeling. 90% of the time at this stage in my life it is something vintage or maybe slightly Indie.

However in the past 21years of my life I have visited the more bohemian hippie side of styling and the more gothic/punk side as well. Both I would say are an influence from my mother. As a child she dressed me in mostly Tree Of Life style clothing (if you don't know this shop read hippie style flowing dresses and hippie tops and long skirts), then when I hit high school I started to borrow from her wardrobe a bit, which led to the more gothic/punk trend. I tended to mix hippie and punk, I'm sure the results were...interesting. I can't really remember haha.

I still love Tree Of Life clothing and many of my highschool years were spent in the company of a decidely gothy friend. As such I find it hard to kick the punk look completely and I think I will always have a love for a proper steel boned corset. A properly fitted one feels like a permanent hug, I swear. And who can resist borrowing things from your mum's wardrobe when she was a punk/goth in the 80's and was pretty much the same size as you.

So, I switch between styles depending on mood.

Today is Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are my self appointed day off and I can never do work on them. That would spoil them. So today I went for a walk to my favourite escape point. I like it because it is within walking distance and hardly anybody goes there. It is a lookout point at the end of a mangrove boardwalk. I like to put my feet over the end and lie there in the sun and cloud watch. It's a good place to go if I am upset or have some thinking to do.

Fishermen pants are possibly the most comfortable pants ever. I only own 3 pairs of pants. One pair of charcoal jeans. One pair of men's tweed slacks. And these. Oh and pyjama pants, but not tracksuit pants.

hanging out in my sister's room

On a side note the mulberries are out! As a child I used to walk to the one around the corner and come home with purple hands. The lady who owned the tree once gave me a white mulberry from in her garden. It tasted strangely like apricots. I think this summer I will make jam. Probably not mulberry jam though, I think that would be ridiculously messy.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

If your soul is pointing starboard, and your ship is made of cardboard..

It's gonna end up sinking, it's a good thing I like drinking...

That is of course a lie, I hate drinking, but it's a very enjoyable song with a fantastic chorus that everyone belts out at the top of their lungs. Said chorus has also been known to last a good 10 minutes at better gigs!

As promised here are some photos from inside the club at the Boho ball. Like I said, my camera doesn't do indoors or night time (I am getting a shiny new one soon Yay!) so these have been stolen from the Facebook page of the Boho Ball. Become a fan and come next year! There's varying locations and dates that you can attend. And you have a whole year to plan your outfit. My friend and I plan to make at least 3 events next year. Get our maximum dose of bohemian to last us the next year =]

Getting the night started

Frankie Valentine and our host from Mr Fibby

Frankie Valentine & Mojo Juju

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hair that red

Also as you may have noticed my hair has returned to being red! It's really really red at the moment, but it should settle down to a more coppery tone in a few days. For now I enjoy its more maroon flavour.

The other day someone suggested I dye my hair blonde. I don't think I have ever been more horrified in my life!

hurray for extreme close ups?


If you're gonna dance with gypsies then you'll have to dance all night

Mojo Juju & the Snake Oil Merchants

I have to say that the Bohemian culture is easily one of my favourite cultures. It is definitely my favourite culture in terms of aesthetics and probably in music too. I am a complete sucker for guys in suspenders and feathered fedoras or top hats. And I love the outfits a lot of the girls wear. There's everything from ultra-feminine, to quirky, to corsets and tutus to masculine in slacks suspenders, vests and fedoras. The diversity is amazing and the originality and individuality even more so.

As evidence for my affection for aesthetics I present my ticket for last night. It's a hit list for people to kidnap or people to mug for items of clothing...

Last night I attended The Bohemian Masquerade Ball with a friend of mine. It is up there with one of the best nights of my life. I wanted to kidnap the announcer, he was fantastic. The night consisted of a selection of bohemian bands like Mr Fibby, The Barons of Tang and the simply amazing Mojo Juju & the Snake Oil Merchants. The latter I have seen a couple of times before and they are fabulous. Their gigs get everyone involved, and may I say I don't think anyone moshes with quite as much enthusiasm and reckless abandon as the bohemians. There were also a couple of burlesque acts from Frankie Valentine and general alternative delight all around. I will definitely be attending next year, in fact I think I'll volunteer to help out.

My camera dislikes taking photos at night time or inside. Hopefully the photos from the night will go on the site soon and I can steal some of the actual event to post.