Friday, 8 October 2010

At the heart of every fool, is the hope that you're stupid too..

Emotional rollercoasters are really exhausting. I may have gone to bed at 4.30am this morning but I slept in pretty late. 5 hours awake and I am already ready to take the lapcat I have and head back to bed. I have an annoying inability to sit down, get upset and cry over something. As a result I bottle it up until I start waking up feeling sick to the stomach.

I could also blame the desire to nap on the essay I have to write on the Boxer Rebellion. Naps are great procrastination. This time I really am really tired and I can feel it all the way down to my bones.

In happier, more interesting news, I got a new dress yesterday...again! I think that is now 10 new dresses since I moved house. It's an addiction. Now I just need to get addicted to shoes, because I've worn holes in the bottom of mine again. This is also my second pair of red tights, they are bit more muted in colour and vibrancy that the We Love Colours ones. I think I might get some more of their tights whilst the Australian dollar is doing so well. Perhaps in teal or another nice greenish shade.


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