Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I ate the red berries, the ones you told to leave alone

My process of getting dressed is probably remarkably similar to that of a 5 yr old playing dress ups. I never choose an outfit the night before or even an hour before unless I have a new item I simply must wear or I have a special occasion that limits my wardrobe. Otherwise about half an hour before I go out I start selecting clothes. I give a brief thought to what I will be doing in those clothes but most thought goes into how I am feeling. 90% of the time at this stage in my life it is something vintage or maybe slightly Indie.

However in the past 21years of my life I have visited the more bohemian hippie side of styling and the more gothic/punk side as well. Both I would say are an influence from my mother. As a child she dressed me in mostly Tree Of Life style clothing (if you don't know this shop read hippie style flowing dresses and hippie tops and long skirts), then when I hit high school I started to borrow from her wardrobe a bit, which led to the more gothic/punk trend. I tended to mix hippie and punk, I'm sure the results were...interesting. I can't really remember haha.

I still love Tree Of Life clothing and many of my highschool years were spent in the company of a decidely gothy friend. As such I find it hard to kick the punk look completely and I think I will always have a love for a proper steel boned corset. A properly fitted one feels like a permanent hug, I swear. And who can resist borrowing things from your mum's wardrobe when she was a punk/goth in the 80's and was pretty much the same size as you.

So, I switch between styles depending on mood.

Today is Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. Tuesdays are my self appointed day off and I can never do work on them. That would spoil them. So today I went for a walk to my favourite escape point. I like it because it is within walking distance and hardly anybody goes there. It is a lookout point at the end of a mangrove boardwalk. I like to put my feet over the end and lie there in the sun and cloud watch. It's a good place to go if I am upset or have some thinking to do.

Fishermen pants are possibly the most comfortable pants ever. I only own 3 pairs of pants. One pair of charcoal jeans. One pair of men's tweed slacks. And these. Oh and pyjama pants, but not tracksuit pants.

hanging out in my sister's room

On a side note the mulberries are out! As a child I used to walk to the one around the corner and come home with purple hands. The lady who owned the tree once gave me a white mulberry from in her garden. It tasted strangely like apricots. I think this summer I will make jam. Probably not mulberry jam though, I think that would be ridiculously messy.

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  1. THOSE pants look sooo comfy, i like the print! and your dreamcatcher in the window is oh so dreamy too!

    i would so love to have my very own mulberry plant, any plant that products fruit for that matter!

    come drop by for visit or follow too?!


    x Your Only Blackswan