Saturday, 27 February 2010

A bow for all occassions

Just taking a moment to share some of my favourite summer clothes/outfits. I found the polka dot ress in a hidden away stall at Bondi Markets last month. The skirt on the other hand is from a shop on my favourite street. It is a prefect mix of sideshow and whimsy with merry go round animals printed along the front in grey. Grey is by the way one of my favourite shades to wear. The singlet looks a little bit bogan, usually I layer it over a lace top and tuck it in loosely but it was too hot today.

I also clearly have a penchant for tying bows in my hair to jazz it up a bit. Long, dead straight hair can look very....flat.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Stow away my fears in a pillow case in a purple room.

This doesn't really need its own post but I don't like editing posts once I've posted them. My cat just evacuated his place on the quilt meaning that I was able to grab some close up detail of the quilt. I think these 2 panels are my favourite. It is certainly a lovely quilt and although it's probably aimed at a child that really doesn't bother me haha.

Working on my backwards walk.

I have a couple of things for you today one of which is my new bedspread and quilt which I finally photographed. Another other is a long red scarf I'm knitting.

So first up is my lovely new bed set. The quilt is hand made and I bought it from the lovely and talented ladies that are Sketch and Jones at some markets in December. The colours are probably not something I would ever have said I wanted on my bed but they do go wonderfully together and I am very glad I decided to purchase it. Now all I need is a cushion I saw in on of my favourite shops; Blackbird Corner. The case is blue red and cream diamonds with little vintage boys dressed up as cowboys on hobby horses. I think it will fit right in =]

my cat Tobias =]

Secondly I had a small picnic today with a friend. I took my knitting and sat in the park and we drank juice from my new mug and saucer set from Melbourne. We ate sandwhiches and Lemon Maderia cake and were generally merry in the sunlight, celebrating the disappearance of mosquitoe from the park. I am in love with my new sunglasses. Actually I have 2 new pairs. These ones and a pair of heart shaped glasses with a black and white check print that I wore all weekend.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Don't Worry, You're Just As Sane As I Am...

Again too hot to do anything and today I worked. I have a lovely new bed spread, quilt and sheet set which I have been meaning to photograph but its much too hot to make my bed properly to photograph it. One day soon I will and it can be marvelled at. I adore it. Red, yellow, blue and cream with stripes, checks, and vintage childrens fabric patches and hand screen bits.

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I am not entirely sure what I am going to do once the last movie is out. What will I have left to anticipate. But that is a problem that is some months off.

For now I thought I'd share with you a photo shoot of the lovely Evanna Lynch. She is a very...ethereal creature isn't she.

This is by far my favourite. I love the mix of blue prints and those shoes are beautiful.
The blue with her platinum hair is especially lovely.

Photos courtesy of

On another note
I am really must have these shoes. Unless of course I try them on and they look horrid on me. I suspect this is the kind of shoe that looks best on a lovely slender leg.

I stumbled across them in Zu Shoes in Melbourne but they didn't have my size in the store. I have a tendency to slip out the back of shoes so unfortunately I can't just buy shoes without trying them on. There are a few Zu stores in Sydney though and I will be there a couple of times in the next month. Heres hoping I get lucky!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

In My Mother's Clothing

It has been far too hot lately. I went to Melbourne to visit my father last week and it would have been the perfect opportunity to photograph some of my finished projects. 90% of my suitcase contained things I had made or altered in some way.

However 38 degress, while not the hottest it could be, was not very conducive of outside photography and my camera doesn't like the indoors unfortunately.

I had a bit of fun with my outfit today so I thought I'd post about that instead. It was so hot I wanted something light and comfy and after some wardrobe raiding I put this together. The dress is actually a halter dress that was a bit too dressy for just going to lunch with a friend. I found this cropped lace top that used to belong to my mother and paired it up with a new belt found in a second hand shop. In the end it was just what I wanted and quite light and cool despite the black and length.

Hair wise in this heat the only way to wear hip length hair is in a bun or in milkmaid braids which hurt my head after a while.

And i don't think you can see them very well but my shoes are new, so new they still give me blisters... I got them on sale. They are truly beautiful with a black and white art deco design.