Saturday, 13 February 2010

In My Mother's Clothing

It has been far too hot lately. I went to Melbourne to visit my father last week and it would have been the perfect opportunity to photograph some of my finished projects. 90% of my suitcase contained things I had made or altered in some way.

However 38 degress, while not the hottest it could be, was not very conducive of outside photography and my camera doesn't like the indoors unfortunately.

I had a bit of fun with my outfit today so I thought I'd post about that instead. It was so hot I wanted something light and comfy and after some wardrobe raiding I put this together. The dress is actually a halter dress that was a bit too dressy for just going to lunch with a friend. I found this cropped lace top that used to belong to my mother and paired it up with a new belt found in a second hand shop. In the end it was just what I wanted and quite light and cool despite the black and length.

Hair wise in this heat the only way to wear hip length hair is in a bun or in milkmaid braids which hurt my head after a while.

And i don't think you can see them very well but my shoes are new, so new they still give me blisters... I got them on sale. They are truly beautiful with a black and white art deco design.

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