Thursday, 25 February 2010

Working on my backwards walk.

I have a couple of things for you today one of which is my new bedspread and quilt which I finally photographed. Another other is a long red scarf I'm knitting.

So first up is my lovely new bed set. The quilt is hand made and I bought it from the lovely and talented ladies that are Sketch and Jones at some markets in December. The colours are probably not something I would ever have said I wanted on my bed but they do go wonderfully together and I am very glad I decided to purchase it. Now all I need is a cushion I saw in on of my favourite shops; Blackbird Corner. The case is blue red and cream diamonds with little vintage boys dressed up as cowboys on hobby horses. I think it will fit right in =]

my cat Tobias =]

Secondly I had a small picnic today with a friend. I took my knitting and sat in the park and we drank juice from my new mug and saucer set from Melbourne. We ate sandwhiches and Lemon Maderia cake and were generally merry in the sunlight, celebrating the disappearance of mosquitoe from the park. I am in love with my new sunglasses. Actually I have 2 new pairs. These ones and a pair of heart shaped glasses with a black and white check print that I wore all weekend.

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