Friday, 26 November 2010

Hands Remember

With pictures of owls, all over the walls. Tiny ships in bottles, they won't sail too far...

Hands Remember - Seabear

Just some more pictures from my trip to Melbourne.As you can see I am really enjoying this polaroid application. It makes everything look much more magical.

Gardens are my new fascination. I have an urge to move out just so I can make my own and live in it. It would have a semi permanent blanket/sheet fort. A tree swing. Garden beds of lavender and tiny daisies and bluebells and lost of purple and blue flowers with some cream ones too. And some kind of arch covered in vines and flowers. And just enough grass to lie on an read and bask in the sun (but not sunbake because I hate being tan).

I am officially on holidays until March now. It is quite a bizarre feeling to know that there isn't a single thing that i actually MUST do, except my French homework...which I frequently forget to complete sadly


Monday, 22 November 2010

My children will live just to grow old

but if I sit here and weep I'll be blown over by the slightest of breeze.
Rambling Man, Laura Marling

I am visiting the lovely city of Melbourne again. I have been here for only half of my time and I am already down to my last $25. But I have a weekly transport ticket and many snacks from home that I can take with me. I think random public transport and home snacks are the way to go. I also have my shiny new Canon 500D to explore with.

Can anyone recommend some nice places to sit and read or take photographs? I have a few places but I'm wondering if I can find a few more. Melbourne is a vast place afterall.

I had my first proper sleep in in about 3 months today. It was simply fantastic. It's hard to sleep in with a 3 year old brother running around the house in the early hours of the morning when your house has paper thin walls. I am not sure what to do with the rest of my day though.

Here is a new dress I bought a couple of days ago. I am completely in love with it.



Thursday, 18 November 2010

And I will miss the train ride in

And the pranks pulled by the twins.
- End of an Era, Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
A song which never fails to make a friend and I cry. Having grown up with the Harry Potter series for the past 10 years it's very hard to grasp the fact that it is coming to a close.

Anyway as you may have noticed I am an incredible Harry Potter nerd and went to see it at midnight tonight. Just a quick post for you as it is 3.16am and I have been awake since 3.30am nearly 24 hours ago in order to get here (Melbourne) to visit dad again.

Nighty night.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

I put a bomb in your fire, you say "uh oh! uh oh!"

Today one of the lovely girls in my printmaking class held a small art market that she organised. This is the blog of the girls who organised it. I was terribly tempted to buy one of her cartoon racoon badges because I really love raccoons. However my affections were won over by a two-headed bear. And hedgehog slice. And then I was horribly broke and moniless =(

However it was a lovely and enjoyable little market with lovely people and lovely lovely items for sale. I hope it is held again and that I have money. Or maybe I will be able to sell something all liklihood I am too lazy =P

Here is my new mutant bear. Isn't he adorable! And my new shoes. A bit late now to be finally buying enclosed shoes now that printmaking is over and I never again have art at Uni. But these were too pretty. Also I think my camera is dying because it insists on washing everything I take into white. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to play with the new Polaroid application I downloaded for my computer (because I am too poor to buy paper for the camera at the moment haha). The link for it is here.

Besides it spices up the blog a bit from the same old pictures I tend to have haha.

Speaking of vintage film cameras I need to find my Diana mini camera and finish and develop the roll of film in it...



Wednesday, 3 November 2010

We never meant to be this bad,

we never meant to be this sad. We never meant to be a lot of things that were lurking in the dark
-Whitley, Facades II
Such a shame that the lovely Australian band that is Whitley decided to split up. I managed to see one of their last gigs and it was truly one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Only very small and held in the back of a pub but quite marvellous all the same. But I suppose in the end not all bands can stay together.

I am amassing a collection of vintage white/cream dresses it seems. I think I would like this one to be just a tiny bit longer though. Maybe I will attach a lace layer to the bottom. And it needs a sash or ribbon around the middle.

I have a party coming up which is themed 'Evil Doers.' I am going to go as a vampire I think. I was going to go as a DALEK but a) I decided it might be overkill for a backyard bbq and b) it would be hard to sit down with styrofoam balls stuck to your skirt and c) the host of the party didn't know what they are. So keeping in mind the fact that I already have a set of vampire caps I shall go as a vampire. Don't fret though, there will be absolutely no glitter involved. In fact I am thinking of dressing more like a child vampire rather than a gothy adult one like I might normally do. I'm thinking more Claudia from Interview with the Vampire or Drusilla from Buffy (though yes, I know she isn't a child).


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I applaud the facade of every broken heart...

I've been so busy with uni lately that all I really have time to do is throw on some clothes and run out the door. Printmaking is absorbing all of my time and I've been sleeping at friends places a lot too and forgetting to take my camera. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have my SLR though. And as this is the last week of uni I should certainly have more time, though perhaps not more outfits. I am horribly broke and trying to save for shopping in Melbourne in 2 weeks.

I might also have some crafty things to upload soon as I have been a busy girl. Once holidays roll around I am looking forward to cleaning up my shed and unpacking the boxes I still have left from packing. Then I shall have my art shed ready for use. Well, ready for use for a couple of weeks before mid summer hits and it turns into an oven =P

Here's what I wore to uni the other day and managed to photograph in a rare moment of earliness. There's really only two options for places to take photos at my new house haha. I am sure you will get bored with the scenery soon enough...

I have an odd attraction to blurry and out of focus images...