Friday, 26 November 2010

Hands Remember

With pictures of owls, all over the walls. Tiny ships in bottles, they won't sail too far...

Hands Remember - Seabear

Just some more pictures from my trip to Melbourne.As you can see I am really enjoying this polaroid application. It makes everything look much more magical.

Gardens are my new fascination. I have an urge to move out just so I can make my own and live in it. It would have a semi permanent blanket/sheet fort. A tree swing. Garden beds of lavender and tiny daisies and bluebells and lost of purple and blue flowers with some cream ones too. And some kind of arch covered in vines and flowers. And just enough grass to lie on an read and bask in the sun (but not sunbake because I hate being tan).

I am officially on holidays until March now. It is quite a bizarre feeling to know that there isn't a single thing that i actually MUST do, except my French homework...which I frequently forget to complete sadly


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