Sunday, 5 December 2010

Thunder told the rain to come

Last night a friend and I attended a gig of a band I really like. I worked late though so we missed the artist I actually went to see. They were the support act for the Whitely gig I went to a few months ago. Fortunately though the gig was wonderously free and the second act, Dan Parsons, was equally amazing. The night turned into a Dan Parsons and Seagull improv blues jam session. It was fantastic.

I have a collection of signed cds by support bands going. I remembered to take the Seagull album that I bought off him at the Whitley gig but forgot to get signed. Well I definitely got it signed this time. The most elabortae cd signing I think I have ever recieved in fact.

the squiggley bits say <3 from Seeeaggullll

Dan Parsons & Steve Grady


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