Sunday, 12 December 2010

We move like cagey tigers, oh we couldn't get closer than this

the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we stalk, the way we kiss
-The Lovecats, The Cure

So I have been being mildly creative of late and have spent a couple of weeks decopaging this box/bag in between art projects. It has taken me so long because one of my printmaking projects for uni involved covering a whole box in decopaged book pages. After that I had no desire to ever decopage again, but I really wanted to finish this so a couple of days ago I decided to perservere. I quite like the end result. I am not entirely sure what to do regarding the inside which is still its original paper bag brown colour. Might leave it at that, might paint it red or cream, or might find the will to decopage the inside as well. I am also going to make a new strap or two for it I think.

I have another bag/box to cover which I am going to cover in some vintage Peter Pan paper I got for my Birthday.


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  1. oh wow. this is such a great idea, it looks great! xxx