Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A Horse is a Horse Of Course, Of course...

Yesterday when I got home from Uni a most delightful package was waiting for me. I confess I opened it right there and put it on.

I first saw this dress on Rebecca's blog The Clothes Horse, (like a stalker I check her blog every day haha) and loved it. This is the post, and her photos do the dress more justice. She's incredibly lucky to live where she does I think, it always looks so pretty . There's something very quirky about it that just fits me. And I do love an individual piece of clothing. I can make my own clothes, but I'm lazy, all the better to pay someone else to make lovely things for me. Rebecca collaborated with desinger NeeNee to come up with this fantastic creation. Feel free to check her out on Etsy, there's some interesting things there, though this is my favourite.

The beautiful fabric is nice and heavy to hold its shape and I think will be a most excellent special occasion dress for winter.

I really can't commend this dress enough. It's perfectly made and beautifully lined.

Enjoy. x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's often infested with Nargles

Look! An actually craft related post. Oooo.

As I may have mentioned earlier I need enclosed shoes for Uni to enter the computer labs. A stupid rule but I suppose safety is as good a reason as any. I have a pair of brown cons, I want to get a more interesting pair of cons and I have a pair of my mothers old boots. However I came across these shoes in K-Mart for $6 and couldn't resist. I figured they would be perfect for drawing on and testing out my new fabric pen. I've never drawn on fabric before, usually I screen print or lino print it. I think I will be drawing on more things in future.

I decided to do Luna Lovegood as she is a particular hero of mine. I don't normally do cartoon style things, instead my drawings are usually more like photo-realism so this was another interesting change. I have no idea what to do on the rest of the shoe. I'm not going to colour it in, I like black and grey on their own.

As for the other shoe, who knows. But I am leaning towards my other hero, Ginny Weasley if I can find a picture I like enough.

P.S I still have to erase the pencil lines under the pen. I'm waiting for it to dry
completely so it doesn't smudge.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Orpheus melted the heart of Persephone, but I never had yours.

Just a quick update as I am on my way back out the door.

This is my new amazing, wonderful and simply perfect black dress. One like I have been searching for for nearly 4 years. You wouldn't think something as simple as this would be hard to find, but it was. I very nearly made it myself instead of forking over the money but then decided to just buy it as I may never see one like it again.

As to the stocking, I am in love with them. I've had them for almost a year, but this is the first time I've worn them. I lost them for 6 months in my room see.

And my gorgeous new Zu boots. I admit I was going to uni so I didn't actually wear these out. That would be a bit impractical, as I go to uni in a swamp/bush.

Enjoy x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Truth is Something Wonderous to Behold...

I've been a bit busy with Uni things lately so I haven't had time to do any outfit shots. I did however attend a friends 21st Birthday Party and I made my own costume. I think that fits in with this blog, it is afterall supposed to be about clothing AND craft. I also have plans to make some bags when I have some time.

Can you guess the theme? =P

In other news I spent pretty much all of yesterday cleaning my room. I hoard things as I may have discussed earlier, and I don't have room for everything. It ends up on the floor a lot of the time. I've never taken less than 4 hours to clean my room, and I usually do it once or twice a month. Yesterday was perhaps the most epic room cleaning I've undertaken in maybe a year. I cleared out boxes that I had stored from changing furniture in my room last August. I know, I'm horribly lazy.

But the end result is quite fantastic. And now I can photograph it later for a Photography Project. The theme is IDENTITY and as I am fascinated by the way people can construct identity through a blog I'm going with a documentary style.

The downside of having a permanently messy room? Aside from the obvious drawbacks, people don't believe you when you say its really clean! So here is my proof for my friends in some low grade shots that I will use for my journal. The actual pictures I will shoot in daylight with a film SLR.

my lovely jumbled mess of a room, as clean as it's probably ever going to get