Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Truth is Something Wonderous to Behold...

I've been a bit busy with Uni things lately so I haven't had time to do any outfit shots. I did however attend a friends 21st Birthday Party and I made my own costume. I think that fits in with this blog, it is afterall supposed to be about clothing AND craft. I also have plans to make some bags when I have some time.

Can you guess the theme? =P

In other news I spent pretty much all of yesterday cleaning my room. I hoard things as I may have discussed earlier, and I don't have room for everything. It ends up on the floor a lot of the time. I've never taken less than 4 hours to clean my room, and I usually do it once or twice a month. Yesterday was perhaps the most epic room cleaning I've undertaken in maybe a year. I cleared out boxes that I had stored from changing furniture in my room last August. I know, I'm horribly lazy.

But the end result is quite fantastic. And now I can photograph it later for a Photography Project. The theme is IDENTITY and as I am fascinated by the way people can construct identity through a blog I'm going with a documentary style.

The downside of having a permanently messy room? Aside from the obvious drawbacks, people don't believe you when you say its really clean! So here is my proof for my friends in some low grade shots that I will use for my journal. The actual pictures I will shoot in daylight with a film SLR.

my lovely jumbled mess of a room, as clean as it's probably ever going to get


  1. amazing photos, the stack of books looks so cool :) i'm a hoarder, kind of, i'm slowly but surely kicking the habit!

  2. cool post!!!!

    cute blog u have!

    come visit me if u want..:))