Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It's often infested with Nargles

Look! An actually craft related post. Oooo.

As I may have mentioned earlier I need enclosed shoes for Uni to enter the computer labs. A stupid rule but I suppose safety is as good a reason as any. I have a pair of brown cons, I want to get a more interesting pair of cons and I have a pair of my mothers old boots. However I came across these shoes in K-Mart for $6 and couldn't resist. I figured they would be perfect for drawing on and testing out my new fabric pen. I've never drawn on fabric before, usually I screen print or lino print it. I think I will be drawing on more things in future.

I decided to do Luna Lovegood as she is a particular hero of mine. I don't normally do cartoon style things, instead my drawings are usually more like photo-realism so this was another interesting change. I have no idea what to do on the rest of the shoe. I'm not going to colour it in, I like black and grey on their own.

As for the other shoe, who knows. But I am leaning towards my other hero, Ginny Weasley if I can find a picture I like enough.

P.S I still have to erase the pencil lines under the pen. I'm waiting for it to dry
completely so it doesn't smudge.

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  1. oh i love luna and the harry potter gang!
    i'm a huge harry potter nerd. When i was little me and my family friend would make our own wands haha

    from spindizzyfall