Sunday, 7 November 2010

I put a bomb in your fire, you say "uh oh! uh oh!"

Today one of the lovely girls in my printmaking class held a small art market that she organised. This is the blog of the girls who organised it. I was terribly tempted to buy one of her cartoon racoon badges because I really love raccoons. However my affections were won over by a two-headed bear. And hedgehog slice. And then I was horribly broke and moniless =(

However it was a lovely and enjoyable little market with lovely people and lovely lovely items for sale. I hope it is held again and that I have money. Or maybe I will be able to sell something all liklihood I am too lazy =P

Here is my new mutant bear. Isn't he adorable! And my new shoes. A bit late now to be finally buying enclosed shoes now that printmaking is over and I never again have art at Uni. But these were too pretty. Also I think my camera is dying because it insists on washing everything I take into white. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to play with the new Polaroid application I downloaded for my computer (because I am too poor to buy paper for the camera at the moment haha). The link for it is here.

Besides it spices up the blog a bit from the same old pictures I tend to have haha.

Speaking of vintage film cameras I need to find my Diana mini camera and finish and develop the roll of film in it...



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