Wednesday, 3 November 2010

We never meant to be this bad,

we never meant to be this sad. We never meant to be a lot of things that were lurking in the dark
-Whitley, Facades II
Such a shame that the lovely Australian band that is Whitley decided to split up. I managed to see one of their last gigs and it was truly one of the best gigs I have ever been to. Only very small and held in the back of a pub but quite marvellous all the same. But I suppose in the end not all bands can stay together.

I am amassing a collection of vintage white/cream dresses it seems. I think I would like this one to be just a tiny bit longer though. Maybe I will attach a lace layer to the bottom. And it needs a sash or ribbon around the middle.

I have a party coming up which is themed 'Evil Doers.' I am going to go as a vampire I think. I was going to go as a DALEK but a) I decided it might be overkill for a backyard bbq and b) it would be hard to sit down with styrofoam balls stuck to your skirt and c) the host of the party didn't know what they are. So keeping in mind the fact that I already have a set of vampire caps I shall go as a vampire. Don't fret though, there will be absolutely no glitter involved. In fact I am thinking of dressing more like a child vampire rather than a gothy adult one like I might normally do. I'm thinking more Claudia from Interview with the Vampire or Drusilla from Buffy (though yes, I know she isn't a child).



  1. Cool dress! I love Whitley, I've never seen him but his first album just makes me feel happy inside. 'I remember' in particular.

    You should totally go as a dalek! I know you don't want to hear that :p
    Once I went to a party for someone I worked with at a cinema, the theme was 'things that remind you of nikki' (the birthday girl) and I went as a choc top! Like full length choc top.
    Also, once I went to a 'j' themed party as a jellybean, and wore a bean bag filled with balloons.
    My point here, is when everyone else will go as sexy criminals, you will be looking hilarious as a dalek!

  2. Hahahaha I don't really have enough time to make the costume. But fear not! I have plans to make and wear a DALEK costume to supanova next year.

    I am not the type to change my mind because my idea is unconventional. I just bowed to my friends pleas for me to be a vampire haha. Besides he is a wimp, the caps will freak him out which is a humorous idea!

    Your costumes sound amazing. I am tempted to hold a themed party just so you can come! :P

  3. And yes, Whitely is amazing. More than Life from the first album makes me cry :P There's a few good songs on Go Forth Find Mammoth too.

  4. Didn't know what a dalex was? Goodness!! Good point though, hardly practical for a bbq, and possibly too flammable. Child-vampire sounds good!

  5. *dalek haha perfect timing for a typo.