Sunday, 3 October 2010

If your soul is pointing starboard, and your ship is made of cardboard..

It's gonna end up sinking, it's a good thing I like drinking...

That is of course a lie, I hate drinking, but it's a very enjoyable song with a fantastic chorus that everyone belts out at the top of their lungs. Said chorus has also been known to last a good 10 minutes at better gigs!

As promised here are some photos from inside the club at the Boho ball. Like I said, my camera doesn't do indoors or night time (I am getting a shiny new one soon Yay!) so these have been stolen from the Facebook page of the Boho Ball. Become a fan and come next year! There's varying locations and dates that you can attend. And you have a whole year to plan your outfit. My friend and I plan to make at least 3 events next year. Get our maximum dose of bohemian to last us the next year =]

Getting the night started

Frankie Valentine and our host from Mr Fibby

Frankie Valentine & Mojo Juju

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