Friday, 16 October 2009

I'm currently at Uni studying to be an Art Teacher but lately I've been debating more and more the idea of doing a fashion course. I'm not sure how I would work it as yet, maybe take a year off or maybe do one in 2 years when I complete my course, but I do want to do one. I have 3 years of school textiles under my belt but I don't think it's enough for all I want to do and I don't remember half the things I should.

I don't want to be some high rolling fashion icon. I just want to make clothes that are distinctly mine and be able to design and make clothes for my friends. My pattern making skills are tenuous at best and I think I could use some further education in that area. Altering an existing pattern doesn't always cut it.

I finish Uni for the year in 3 weeks, and while at about the same time I start a new job I'm hoping I will have time to make use of the fashion illustration books I borrowed from the library.


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