Friday, 30 October 2009

Creative Procrastination

It is the second last week of uni for the year and my motivation has been sapped. It trickled away long ago to be honest. But I am not the only one. For many months now we have all been aiming not for High Distinctions but for Passes. My aren't we ambitious.

So, instead of doing the nature journal and sea shore creatures poster I have to complete for Natural History Illustration, or studying for the slide test for Modern Art theory, I decided to get creative.

While it is blatant procrastination I am rather proud that I procrastinated in a creative way, rather than just reading a book like I usually do.

These are three of the clips that I made last night.

P.S is it rude to eat the entire punnet of strawberries that your mum purchased for the family when you still have one chocolate teddy bear left?

Chocolate and strawberries are truly a marriage made in heaven.

love x

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for following the SDF blog!
    Those clips are amazing! I feel like being creative now =)
    I would have liked to be an art teacher but i couldnt put up with naughty kids all day =)

    p.s i also LOVE to read! Isn't a good book great?