Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Introductions are in order


I'm Madolin, if by some weird chance you've managed to stumble across this blog and don't already know me.

I've been watching an unusual amount of television lately. By unusual I probably refer to the fact that I've been watching it at all. With the exception of a few UK shows I tend to forget that television exists. But I've been doing a lot of Art assignments lately and mindless television does make a good background.

Anyway the reason I bring this up and in fact the reason for creating this blog is this: there are a lot of very nice clothes out there. I always have plans to make this dress or another or that item of jewellery or make something out of that piece of fabric. I rarely get around to actually following through on these grand thoughts, probably because I'm lazy. But I figure if I make this blog maybe it might help me to follow through on at least some things.

At the very top of my list is the fact that I need to take in my teapot dress. Either I've shrunk, it's grown or it never quite fit me as I imagined it did. I suspect the latter. The next item is to put a dart in the back of my cars dress.

There's also a whole load of jewellery that I need to make or at least jot down some drawings for. Same with dresses. Fortunately for me the internet and the 'snapshot' button of my media player can provide me with a wealth of images for inspiration.

As to Violet Baudelaire's dresses, I thought I'd start off with something that I wish I was skilled enough to make. Aren't they unbelievable? Look at the detail in that wedding dress.
Maybe one day.

Bye birdies x

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