Saturday, 2 July 2011


Although I have seen Riverdance in the past back in Australia and seen it numerous times on telly, I think I was much more impressed with it this time. Some parts continue to confuse me; why the hell is there Spanish flamenco dancing in the middle of all the Irish dancing??

Having spent the past 2 or so weeks in Ireland hearing about its history from the local people and tour guides I can say I understand the actual strory behind Riverdance a lot more. I don't think I fully comprehended the full continuing story before for some reason. Ireland has such interesting history. Interesting and really very sad.

The costumes have of course changed yet again. I think in some ways they were better but in many ways I do not think that Riverdance will ever leave the 90's with all the velvet, shiny fabrics and leather pants.

My favourite dances are always those where they come out and dance without music, the sound and rhythm is created simply from their feet. There is one dance where all the men come out and dance together in black clothing to no music, just the sounds of their feet. I think in some ways it is more impressive than dancing to music. My other favourite dance is a folk kind of setting. It's supposed to be the final gathering in the town before people start to leave to find jobs and a better life away from the famine. The set dancing always looks so fun and it makes me miss my weekly class of set dancing. I wish Jenny still taught it so that I could go back to doing that.

My final favourite is set in America and demonstrates the first clash between the more freestyle tap from the African Americans and the rigid dancing of the Irish. They have a bit of a dance off and mock each other and it all seems so fun and yet they are so talented it is really amazing. They change it a little each time and tonight one guy moon walked backwards tap dance style. I was very impressed.  


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