Monday, 2 August 2010

You are my sunshine

Last night I watched the movie Penelope on the recommendation of a good friend with reliable taste in movies. She said it was a good movie but not the most fantastic but worth watching for the cast. And she was right, though kind of wrong because I thought the movie was great haha, but the cast is odd. So many good and well known actors in such a low grade movie.

Due to a family curse a girl is born with a pig face. She must find one of her own kind to love her to break the curse. Not amazingly original, but sweet.

Things I love about this movie: the cast, especially James McAvoy, the clothes (think Nanny McPhee for grown ups) the bedroom and the small moments.

I am a fan of James McAvoy because to me a nice smile, fantastic facial expressions and an enthusiasm for life are the most attractive things a person can have. If you are a little bit quirky and have something unique or interesting about the way you express yourself chances are I will love you immediately. But you have to be nice as well.

My favourite moment in the movie might just be James belting out a rendition of 'You are my Sunshine' to Penelope as she tries to guess which instrument he plays. Worst singing ever, yet there is something so charming about the way he throws himself into it. Emotion and intent is everything afterall.

Here are some screen caps, I won't put them in order though or it might spoil the story.

I think she looks cute with a pig snout.

I want a tree swing!

tea strainer eyes

I want a call centre of vintage red phones...

playing chess through a one way mirror. He is sitting at a fireplace on a stack of books hehe

how amazing is this room. I could live in it forever

gorgeous wardrobe


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  1. oh hey, this actually looks kinda good!! I think I wrote it off when it came out, but anything with james mcavoy I'm willing to try!! x