Tuesday, 11 January 2011

If you were alien, an extraterrestrial

 torn in two, missing home, I would leave my world, board your silver rocket ship. Blast off to the stars, just we two.
If You Were Alien - The Brunettes


I bought this dress last month at some Christmas Markets in my town. In an effort to bring people back into the heart of town and away from the shopping centres every December our town holds a number of night markets called The Red Lantern markets. Everything sold there is hand made and usually by local people. The necklace above is a lace heart, given to me by a friend who has a stall at these markets. It was an unexpected Christmas gift when I eyed it off when I attended the last market leading up to Christmas.

This particular dress is crafted from old tea towells and it is my new tea party dress. I have worn it a few times now to a tea party I held, to a jazz gig and to a New Year's Eve picnic on the foreshore. If you have been known to frequent Bondi Markets the lady who created this dress used to attend those quite a bit before she found it too hard to compete with prices. I love wearing this dress, even if it is quite a bit more low cut and revealing than I am used to, even with a slip. 

 apple and cinnamon tea

 my gorgeous record/cd player


bye bye birdies

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  1. I love the dress. and the tea party looks so quaint :) xx