Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I can't trap a mouse

but I can pet a cat. No I'm really serious, I'm really very good at that.

- The Perfect Fit, The Dresden Dolls

New dress ahoy! I had intended to stay away from the shops during this time of crazy sales and special prices. I am saving you see. Saving to go overseas in June and also to register and insure my new vintage canary yellow Vespa. Pretty sure that's going to cost me a fortune. I promise a blog on it when I get it in within (hopefully) the next week or so.

Anyway I went with mum to the shops with the intention of seeing if a book I wanted was in Angus & Robertson yet. But we got side tracked by Myer. And I ended up with 2 new dresses. One was on special but this one of course was not. It's rare for things I like to be on sale haha. I have unfortunately and cursably expensive taste. And a penchant for justifying spending a few hundred on a dress. Fear not though, this was not hundreds of dollars. It's a Quirky Circus dress and is currently in stock in Myer if it takes your fancy.

Somewhere along the line my cat Poppy decided to join in the photographic fun.


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