Tuesday, 4 January 2011

These precious things

let them break their hold on me. He said 'you're really an ugly girl, but I like the way you play.'
-Precious Things, Tori Amos

I don't like to clog a post up with too many pictures so I am posting this in 2 separate posts. Today I decided that op shopping with a friend of mine might be a nice way to break in my new dress. I decided to take my camera along in case we went into any particularly interesting shops and in the end we did. I didn't take and photos in the Salvos and Lifeline shops because they are all the same, but I did take some in this antique shop we went into. It's called the Colosseum and is full of fun little artifacts of from the past. It's always fun to browse through.

 trying on vintage top hats

When I get paid I think I might go back and collect some doileys and tea cups and saucers for my tea parties. They have quite a few really cute little vintage toys and I think I might start collecting some. I think when I leave home my house will look somewhat like an antique shop haha. Or a grandmother's home.

 half of the wall of vintage radios

 pianola reels. These remind me of Olivander's Wand Shop


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  1. These pictures are so wonderful!