Sunday, 28 March 2010

My wardrobe is a a TARDIS and I go to Narnia under my bed...

Clothes have a great tendency to pile up on the floor in my room. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer clothes/wardrobe space ratio. Which is not at all proportionate or fair. And yet I keep buying more clothes. Each time I clean my room and restock my wardrobe I become more and more impressed with it's TARDIS nature. My mother has no idea how I managed to fit it all in this time. In all honesty I am not sure either.

I am a terrible hoarder. Of all things, not just clothes. I struggle to remove things from my posession, as I always think, what if I need this later?! Past experience has taught me that if I get rid of something I will indeed need it at a later point.

Besides there is a particularly amazing joy in owning this many clothes (I have drawers stuffed with things that don't require hanging, like pants, tshirts, long tops, pyjamas and jumpers). Quite frequently I stumble accross things I forgot I had and it's like buying something new all over again!

I must say though, there are 2 items that I have been looking for for many a year. A simple black skirt and a simple black dress. I do not own a plain dress or skirt. This is something of a failing when you consider that if I have nothing plain everything else must be patterned.


goes into this...

to equal TARDIS
(keep in mind you cant see every item as they get a bit
lost being all jammed in like that haha)

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  1. ah yeah, i'm a terrible hoarder too! i really like a lot of the pieces you have :) lucky for me, i have a walk in wardrobe, so everything fits, although i'm always running out of coat hangers haha!