Sunday, 4 July 2010

All aboard the Hogwarts Express

Today I actually did something touristy for a change. Dad's girlfriend and her son took us on a steam train ride up into a nature park in the hills of the Dandenong area. The train has been running for 110 years and is one of 5 remaining trains that operate daily up into the hills. It is run entirely by volunteers and train enthusiasts interested in preserving the line.

It was a great ride, horribly cold but I was wearing enough clothing to clothe at least 3 people. 2 pairs of stockings, stocking socks, thermal singlet, slip, thermal top, top, top, woolen cardigan, wool skirt. So I was pretty good, though I was afraid I'd lost my feet to frost bite at one point. And it was raining in the park but as I had an umbrella stowed handily into my bag I was fine. Dad who is English and lives in Melbourne did more whinging that I did!

Everything was rainy and grey and misty, and very beautiful. I imagine it to be even more beautiful in maybe autumn when all the deciduous trees still had their burnished leaves.


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