Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Spent time making trouble, what's the sum of everything

"You haven't blogged in ages" you say, well here is an epic blog...

It was my birthday on Friday. It was a great day with breakfast out, paid for by my lovely friend, and then to the movies to see Inception (which is quite frankly a masterpiece in film), then to family dinner, and then to town where I actually for once consumed some alcohol (I never drink.) Arrived home at the bright and cheery time of 3.30 am, just in time to get up at 8 for my sister's Birthday. Talk about feeling dead! Haha. My sister mum and I had lunch, which I don't think we have done since my brother was born 3 years ago so that was quite nice. Unfortunately I have a horrendous cold, which I woke up with on the morning of my Birthday and just seems to be getting even more fabulous.

Sunday was spent in Sydney with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins shopping for my sister, and planning overseas possibilities for me before driving back home. I came very near to having a panic attack at one stage on the way there, seems my fears are continuing to get worse.

I didn't get many presents, in lieu of money for my planned trip overseas so it is kind of disappointing to be told that I am probably not going. By disappointing I actually mean completely devestating, but oh well. I am now faced with the rather large decision of whether or not to continue on and go on my own. To be honest I am not sure that I can, but to have wasted a whole year of working, and saving, and hoping and then to be given nothing but money for overseas for my Birthday, it seems like a monumental waste. There isn't really any point in postponing it because everyone I know is already there, has already been or won't be able to afford it any time in the near future. I could postpone it to the middle of the year, but I hate summer, I really loathe it and the idea of 2 summers in a year and a summer overseas where it's hot and you are carrying luggage and it's busy just doesn't do it for me. Also I would only be able to go for about 3 weeks. I am of the perhaps impractical opinion that if you are going to waste 2 days and a lot of money on flying all the way to Europe anything less than a month is probably wasteful.

I could go at the end of next year, but that is so very far away, especially when you were expecting to go in about 3 months time. Also I will have teaching prac until mid December. If I go this year I can at least start in November and have a couple weeks before full winter hits. Ideally I would go in Spring and visit tulip fields and gardens and those kind of things I enjoy. But to do that I would have to defer uni for a course that is already a 4 and a half year course and face the fact that I will no longer be doing my course with anyone I know for the next 2 years.

So I've concluded time is not the issue but whether or not I can face doing a foreign country on my own for about a month. I should give you the heads up that I am an incredible home body. I like being on my own but in practice I've probably been properly alone for all of 3 days this year. I have never travelled out of the state without family. In fact I have only ever gone to Tasmania on a family holiday or to Melbourne to see dad. The furthest I have travelled on my own is a 4 hour train to Tamworth to stay with my best friend for a week or two.

So the idea of going on my own is probably beyond ridiculous. But the idea of NOT going makes me want to cry...or actually cry as the case actually is.


My aunt loves travelling and she went over and worked/backpacked in Europe on her own when she was my age. She has been looking into safe ways that I could do it on my own and well...survive. She is better than a travel agent. But I am still not sure, and I am running out of time...

In other news I have a bunch of outfit shots that I have not posted in my recent running-around-like-a-headless-chicken.

If you are looking for a pair of really solid opaque tights in great popping colours, that are thick and durable and feel really nice, I recommend We Love Colors.

A bit of Birthday fun through tights. I love looking at my legs in these :P

red means red. a bit blurry sorry but that doesn't effect the colour!


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