Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hello Melbourne, we meet again

Apparently I was optimistic with my claims of tops of 10 degrees haha. When I got here it was 6 degrees! Brrr. 6 is not so bad but it is quite a temperature drop all the same. I've adjusted a bit, I am not a walking ice cube yet.

I'm a bit of an old lady in all things. I go on holidays and go for walks and visit tea shops and sit and knit in parks. I am not a very good tourist haha. I am a good shopper though, I already have a new dress! and shoes, I forgot to bring shoes believe it or not. I know it sounds insane but I forgot to bring my ballet flats so I had to buy new shoes. Heels for a week would have left me a cripple. I wore my thigh high boots down on the plane because they didn't fit in my bag and in changing my plans I forgot to pack them. I need a new suitcase because the one I have is much too small for a week's worth of winter clothing...

Today Rosie and I walked her dogs, which was quite a feat. She has a wolfhound and a kelpie cross. It was great fun watching them charge off into the distance. My dogs are not so energetic, one is small and the other arthritic, but I still love them. When I move out I want to get a rough collie. They are my favourite dog, I am not normally breed specific but I grew up with 2 and have a particular soft spot for them.

I asked Rosie to wait to walk her dogs until I arrived so I could visit this awesome tee pee that she found. It is kind of in the middle of nowhere and unless you stumble directly upon it or know what you are looking for you probably wouldn't find it. It's pretty muddy at the moment so I struggled and danced into a pair of Rosie's skinny jeans, something of a feat and donned some sneakers. I haven't worn sneakers since high school! I felt quite bogan but it was worth it considering I now only have one pair of shoes for the next week.

The tee pee is constructed from large branches, has a carpet wall, bamboo flooring, feathers, candles in jars and messages from people. I would live in it if I could, in fact if I lived closer I think I would take a book and camp out. Until I froze or a stoner came to visit...

Sorry for the photographic overload. It was all very green and pretty =]

Rosie, Bicky and Jinx

Duck theme park. There were quite a few ducks using this as a free ride

Icky Bicky pondering the merits of jumping

tee pee

The rocks have eyes. It looks worried...

all tee pees should have disco balls?

non bogan...sans shoes

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