Wednesday, 28 July 2010

If enough is never enough, then come with us

I am sitting in the uni library mildly bored and contemplating all the things I would really like right now. It's a bit indulgent to blog about them perhaps but hey I am bored, as I said, and as I have been awake since 6 and at uni since 7.30 I need to keep myself awake in my 4 hour break!!

In no particular oder:

I want sleep. At least 10 hours
I want my cat
I want to not be sick
I want my MP3 player that I left at home
I want an MP3 player with more than 100MB capacity
I want to go home
I want a horse
I want a pot of chai tea from 3 Monkeys Cafe
I want a slice of some kind of gluten free almond and *insert some kind of fruit or nut* cake
I want to stay in my house and not have to pack up all my stuff
I want to decorate my new art shed
I want to set up a screen printing station in my shed
I want to make some amazing printed clothing
I want a farm or ranch with chickens, a goat, a cow, a minature pony, an alpacca and a horse as mentioned already
I want to own a bookstore
I want a fully stocked vegetable garden
I want a woodfire oven
I want an amazing country style kitchen with dried herbs
I want to make a cake
I want someone to come home
I want to study anthropology and archaeology
I want to do a course in American History
I want to learn an instrument - piano, cello, violin
I want to be fluent in French
I want to go overseas
I want my Harry Potter party to be now
I want the perfect pair of boots for overseas
I want a collie
I want to see the new Harry Potter movie
I want to find pink pre-pleated chiffon for my Luna Lovegood costume
I want to re-read The Butterfly Lion
I want to build the Weasley's house and live in it
I want to learn how to make silver jewellery
I want to do a course in leather work
I want to get dressed up and make cupcakes and scones and tea and have a picnic in the park
I want to see She & Him live
I want a digital SLR
I want to play with my new mini Diana Lomography camera

and I think that will do me for now. That killed a little bit of time I think.

I feel I should post some visual incentive/eye candy for you. I have also been killing time by looking up wildlife photography etc. I always always put animals in my artwork. I think this semester it will be foxes...if you hadn't guessed =P

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