Wednesday, 26 May 2010

All for swinging you around

When people ask me how long I've been growing my hair I tell them 'always.' When they ask if it annoys me I tell them 'I have always had long hair, I don't know any different but yes sometimes it gets a little bit annoying.'

I was sitting here tonight thinking on this. A couple of my friends in class today were arguing that it is longer than it was when I started uni. I don't really know that this is the case, for one when I started uni I was growing out layers which made my hair look shorter and number two I got my fringe back almost two years ago. For some reason it makes my hair look longer. I think...

I don't have any of the 'good' childhood photos in my room, they are all under mum's bed, but I do have my own small collection which I looked through. I was aware that when I was really small I had shortish blond hair but I wanted to see if I could truly claim to have 'always had long hair.' I know it is certainly true of late primary school and all of highschool.

Well no, not so long.

One thing of interest that I did find though was animals. There are more photos of me with animals than without!

me and dad in Sydney

me and one of the many black cats we have had. This is Butler. Clearly I've always loved cats =]

guniea pig that I don't remember having, rabbit hutch and our collie Belle. I wish she were still alive =[
(I love my sister in the background. So cute)

my sister again looking cute in the background. Me and mum.

a lot of our family holidays catered to my love of horses.


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