Monday, 3 May 2010

Pierrot the clown

This is the new skirt I bought at the markets on Saturday. Thought I might try it out today, though with the all black palette I felt a little bit like a waitress haha.

I was also ready a lot earlier than I usually am so I decided to put my hair up for once. I've been wearing my hair like this on and off again for years now. It's so exciting to see it coming into vogue! Of course, with my length, the braids wrap all the way around my head. I can't wear it too long or the weight gives me a headache.

my 13 year old cat, Poppy. I have 4 cats =D



  1. I want long hair just so I can put it up like that, it looks so good on you!

    lovelove, m.

  2. Hello, Poppy! :)

    Great skirt.