Monday, 10 May 2010

Chickens don't has hair, but I bet they wish they did

So named by my friend Eleanor.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and my sister and I took some photos while in the park. It was a great day but we went to visit the part of my family that still lives in Sydney, where I was born. I cannot quite tell you how difficult it is for me to travel there. Not transportation wise, catch a train or have someone drive me. My problem is that I am terrified of being in cars. I've been in too many accidents. I make myself sick on the 2.5 hour drive there from stress. 110 km/ph is too fast, I don't like it and we shouldn't do it. I don't like being in cars at the best of times but freeways freak me out. Oh well.

I had to take some long and slow or short and fast shutter speed photos for photography which led to messing around and photographing the movement of my hair. Family gatherings mean I get to experiment with my pop's Canon.

Still not sure on a blog name as yet.

her head is far removed from her body =/

my sister Natalie in my glasses. She is 5 years and 1 day younger than me.

I look like a nun...

Cousin It.

whoosh. gone.



  1. pretty sure them chickens would be jealous *nods*

    p.s I like your last photo, tis vair pretties :D

  2. Cute pics! Love the heart shaped sunglasses!