Monday, 31 May 2010

We can never go home, we no longer have one...

Another rainy day and no one to take a photo of what I wore to con myself out of the house. But I was so annoyed about not being able to post my Zooey outfit last week that I decided to prop the camera up on the front porch and use the timer. Unfortunately that then means that I am standing in front of the frosted windows and the lighting is horrible but oh well. Forgive the horrid picture.

I've had this dress for a while now, well a few months, but it's quite thick so I have been waiting for it to cool down to wear it. It has most certainly cooled down. It's actually a little too cool but I sort of forgot about it until now. So I wore it under a jacket with big retro buttons.

I always feel like a cross between a flight hostess and a vintage nurse when I wear this for some reason. I almost bought it in navy with red edging but that was a bit too Virgin Airlines for me.


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