Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My baby, my darlin', I been thinking of leaving

Argh assessment time. And waaaaay too many hours at work time. I miss my blog *hugs blog*

Yesterday was cold and rainy and I think I have the beginnings of a cold. I have that kind of headache that radiates up from your neck, which for me means 'hello cold, we meet again.' 

To combat this lack of enthusiasm for going out I decided to dress like Zooey Deschanel. Sadly no photos. No one was around to photograph it and it was raining. I'll give you some photos of the lovely Zooey instead. Dressing up is one of the ways I con myself into leaving the house. This may seem weird to some people but it makes perfect sense to me. Zooey has been an inspiration of mine for a few years now. How can you not love her, she's just...adorable.

I purchased the newest She&Him album a few months back and I've yet to stop playing it. I am probably driving everyone in my house up the wall but they haven't said anything about it yet. I have it on my mp3 player and I like to play 'In the Sun' as I walk home through the park. If no one is looking I may just skip home...

I also recently purchased the 4 part series TINMAN for a serious bargain at $9 for the 2 disc edition. I love that show and she is perfect in it. I have never been the greatest fan of The Wizard of Oz for some reason but I do enjoy this take on it. If you haven't seen it, go check it out!

So it's been a bit of a Zooey week this week. Might draw a picture of her, I haven't done a drawing in far too long. Even longer if you consider that I am an art student =/ I am also thinking of making some clothes. It's nice to be inspired.

currently my favourite album

this is what I wore today. except I added a long sleeved black t-shirt under it. It is autumn after all

this is possibly my most favourite picture of her, it's currently my desktop

I love this dress. I may see how adventurous I am feeling in my sewing



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  1. oh i love her!
    I've been meaning to get the album but maybe i'll just download it when my computer decided to work properly.

    That film clip it soo funny too

    Would love to see your next Zooey outfit =)
    P.s love the new header! so much!!!