Sunday, 9 May 2010


I was ridiculously stressed about an assignment last week, so I didn't write much as I was trying not to procrastinate. I am having the worst semester ever at Uni. They've transferred us over to a new course and literally threw 2 3rd year courses together in the week before semester started. The assignments, and in one subject, the classes themselves, are all over the place. Its stressful and annoying and boy will I be complaining when student survey time rolls around.

Anyways in my self appointed abstinence from writing, I of course came up with many ideas for blogs. Hopefully you will be seeing a few of those soon if I am not too lazy. Number One being the decison to change the name of my blog. I figure it's going to be some time before I can create enough craft related things to earn the title I currently have. Lately an extraordinary number of people have been commenting on the length of my hair. People always do, and it's lovely, but it has been happening more and more at a rate that seems odd. I understand it in blog context, because my blog is new and comments on my hair in a fashion related blog are perfectly normal. But lately a lot of people have been saying it to me when I am out and about shopping or working or riding the bus.

Through High School I was the Long Haired Girl, I think I should rename my blog something that refelects this. Though as yet no idea what it will be. Any ideas?

In other news the Sydney Travelling Film Festival was in my town this weekend and I managed to catch 5 out of the 9 films which is pretty impressive seeing as I worked around going to work and driving 2 hours away for Mother's Day today.

I saw:
The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls, New Zealand
The Strength of Water, New Zealand (very lovely)
The French Kissers, France
Korkoro, France (amazing)
A Prophet, France.

The standout for me was Korkoro. It is a French movie that explores the treatment of Gypsies, or rather a particular family group of Gypsies, and their treatment during WWII. I tend to find that it is not common knowledge that the Gypsies and Homosexuals and also people with disabilities suffered nearly as much as the Jewish people did at the hands of the Germans. I wonder why that is.

Korkoro is about a gypsy family and the friendships and enemies they make in a village while under 'house arrest' due to new nomadic laws during the time of war. It was touching, sad, fun, vibrant and real. It was based upon an actual group that met something of an untimely end in real life. I strongly recommend seeing it if you get the opportunity.

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