Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'll just keep it to myself in the sun

I should have a few outfit posts over the next couple of days. Today I changed my major project for my screen based project, after a minor breakdown last night. It's due on Monday and can be anything that goes on a screen, ie. computer, projector, phone screen etc. Anything. All well and good except the only skill he has managed to teach us in a whole semester id a bit of movie editing with iMovie. I don't have a Mac computer =/ And though creative my mind doesn't run to short film ideas.

So I am falling back on my I.T friend's knowledge and we are going to see if he can teach me how to make a website in an evening. Yay! Stress!

Anyways there is a point to this, and the point is what I am doing for my website, or rather plan on doing. I have a habit of being too ambitious. At this late date I couldn't think of anything and was stressing. Late last night in a fit of Marilyn Manson (this may seem bizarre to you but I find him calming? A friend said that confronted with the amount of anger he conveys you just can't be as angry as he is so your mind says 'why compete?') I decided to be true to the theme of 'self promotion' and make a website for me. Self Promotion is a stupid theme by the way.

So my idea, which will probably never actually be exposed to the internet because I don't really see the point, is to have a site that sort of combines my Deviantart page and my Blog. It is going to have outfits and things I have made, photos of my house I took for photography and some artworks. And possibly some mini movies I made for earlier screen tasks (I wrapped myself in foil).

So today mum and I took outfit shots. It was sunny! and warm! Amazing! has been raining for about 2 weeks now. I might be pretty busy over the next few days with assignments so I shall space my outits out a bit to compensate? Not that anyone really reads this haha. Sometimes I think blogging is me talking to myself... hmm insanity.

To kick it off the Zooey Deschanel oufit I wore last week but didnt photograph. This is for Em =]

I have lost a teeny bit of weight apparently and need to take my skirt in a bit, which is why it is sitting a bit oddly



  1. oh is that 'em' me? if so, thats so sweet! if not, I'm going to pretend its to me anyway and say thats so sweet! haha

    i love it! this outfit really really suits you!
    The lace top is a lovely basic item but at the same time it has so much detail and loveliness (might need to check if thats a word. oh well, now it is!)
    And navy has to be one of my favourite colours -clothes wise- so naturally i love the skirt too.
    Top marks from me!

    Hey, arn't we always kinda talking to ourselves in blog posts anyway? just saying whatever we want! Thats why its fun =)


  2. Em was indeed you =]

    Thankyou so much for your comments! I am pretty sure loveliness is a word, its not underlined in red dots so I assume that means something haha.

    Yes that is the incredible fun of blogs. We talk to ourselves and occasionally other people read it and like what we have to say or show.

  3. LOVE the pretty top & gorgeous skirt :)

  4. Wrapped yourself in foil? I feel plagiarised. :P

    I don't know if you're even aware of this video, I made it early 2007. I went through a foilart period of life for a while.