Thursday, 3 June 2010

Why do you let me stay here?

I feel the need to share this lovely video. I thought 'In the Sun' was my favourite song clip but I was proven wrong today. The great part being that I wasn't procrastinating because I was actually looking for videos for my screen project, which may have changed again, a movie is better than a website if I don't manage to complete it. Definitely feeling the stress uuuurgh.

I would love love love to re-create this video but I know of no males who can dance like this, even if I removed the backflip! These are some of the best dance moves ever created. And as usual she looks far too stunning. I am so jealous of this girl, it's not fair that she gets to be so damn adorable!

Oh and outfit post #2. One of the best dresses in my wadrobe. Fantastic cut, huge chunky red exposed zipper down the back, hot pink buttons fastening the straps at the back. And Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup printed liberally all over the dress.


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