Friday, 25 June 2010

Put your face on a contact lens, only I have been to all the places we've seen

The lovely Eleanor departed to lands afar this evening. Seems to be a trend among my nearest and dearest haha. I will have my turn one day. So to say goodbye I bussed/walked over to her house at a ridiculously early hour that required being awake before 7pm. Uuurgh. But walks in the freezing cold are surprisingly invigorating, if not so great for extremities like noses.

I hung around and talked to her mother about my vague overseas plans while she went through her own awakening routines and then we went to the movies. I was the mildly awkward 7th wheel to a 3 couple set but oh well. We went to see Toy Story 3. Quite the epic movie! I am not sure if I prefer that one or the 2nd one, probably the 2nd but give it time. I think it lived up to the hype.

Finished said beanie last night. It looks somewhat like a gum nut. It was a good learning experience. Now I know what to adjust and such so that the next one is better. As everyone has departed for sunny Europe I should have quiiite a bit of time on my hands.

Although this beanie was the 'learning curve' beanie I quite like it. I don't like beanies that cover my fact I like beanies that I can forget I am wearing. Ones that keep me warm without bothering me, which this one does as I have worn it all day haha. Still, I will make the next one longer before I start decreasing so it sits on my head more. Or on the head of whoever I give it to.

I actually bought the skirt I am wearing to match my fox beanie. It has little red riding printed all over it. But it worked with this hat as well.


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Bon voyage 'Noracle x