Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Kissing the Lipless

Have you figured out that most of my blog titles come from the song I am listening to when I write my blog? Sometimes it fits very well. In this instance kissing the lipless has absolutely nothing to do with picnics in the park haha. Oh well.

Last week was pretty good. My best friend came to visit me from Melbourne and my other best friend visited from Coffs Harbour before flying off to torture kids with Vegemite in summer camps in the US. We decided to take advantage of a rare spot of sun and have a picnic. Seeing as the grass has spent the last 2 weeks being rained on it was still damp so we needed to put a very attractive large tarp under our picnic blanket. I don't know that we would have all fit on the picnic blanket anyway. 2 of us are very tall. I am the dwarf of this quartet.

I made scones and Rosie whipped cream and we put it in a glass jug. We purchased home made style New Zealand Blackberry jam. I made hot chocolate using a bar of cadbury's chocolate and a few pieces of lindt chili chocolate melted into a pot of milk. We put it in a metal teapot and stirred whipped cream in on top in our mugs. We emptied a wicker basket and carried it off to the park
(There was also barbeques chicken and salad and rolls to be remotely healthy and a cinnamon tea bun.)

Then I dashed home for the forgotten footpath chalk...maybe I will call it sidewalk chalk, I don't call the footpath a sidewalk but footpath chalk sounds wrong. Anyways I returned with the chalk and we made a section of the walkway along the creek pretty with our scratchings. You'd never be able to tell that one of us is an art student studying to be an art teacher. I felt quite ashamed.

My shoes looked like this after our adventures. Much more interesting than plain rubber soles I think. I should chalk my shoes more often. Just think of the footprints I could create.
Then half our party left, leaving us to clean and carry the dregs of our picnic home. Next time I will have more time, more food and more chalk!


  1. Looks like so much fun!
    I LOVE Chilli chocolate and i think i am going to buy some just to melt and put on scones! yummy

    Also super cute outfit, how cool is that blazer!? Reminds me of what cassie wears in skind =)

    p.s- i have a giveaway, come check it out =)
    Spin Dizzy Fall

  2. it was fun =]

    The blazer is awesome. Not lined though so it's sadly not very warm. It is from Gallery Serpentine in Newtown, it's to go over a pinstripe corset I have and wore to be the white rabbit to my Alice party last year.

    I love cassie! she's pretty nifty, especially her clothes.

    Okie dokie I shall check it out *whoosh*