Thursday, 24 June 2010

Taken in by the delicate noise, knocked to the ground by the subtle thunder

Well yesterday I decided I was sick of knitting in a straight line and I wanted to learn how to knit a beanie. I bought some wool and needles on my way to a friends and by about 2 in the morning (I was watching Harvey Birdman and Disney's Robin Hood at the same time) I had half a beanie! Huzzah. Most exciting.

I suspect it may just end up being just a cm or 2 too big but better to be too big than too small I think. And not at all bad for a first beanie...I think. I can't wait until it's finished.

Also I have no impulse control and am attracted to pretty things. These were on special, came in a variety of very pretty colours and are so soft! Who could resist...well certainly not me! So I got 3 balls of yarn instead of the one colour like I actually needed. More beanies? We shall see.

It's overcast and cloudy so they are lit with a lamp, not the best for true colour accuracy but take my word, they are pretty haha.

And now off to the last French class for the term. We are having a party. Woo French cuisine to keep us occupied while we fail at the language!

Au revoir tout le mond x


  1. i really need to take up knitting class! i love french, it's such a gorgeous language :)

  2. it really is. Rather difficult to wrap your head around sometimes though.

    knitting is great fun, you should definitely take it up. So relaxing. Hurts my hands after a while though. I have to say I prefer knitting in a circle to knitting scarves.